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Reflections on Fatherhood: Learning from the Past, Building for the Future

Join me as I dive into a heartfelt reflection on my relationship with my father, our shared history, and how it shapes my approach to fatherhood today. It's a story of understanding, growth, and the deep desire to provide differently for my daughter, while still honoring the past.

Fitness, Family, and Finding Myself in Changing Times

It’s been a wild few years – we welcomed our little girl into the world, dove into the chaos of renovating our first house, and faced some really tough times, including a wake-up call about my health. It’s been a mix of amazing moments and real challenges, and I’ve learned a ton about myself that I already knew. The story so far...

Automating ConvertKit Broadcasts with GitHub Actions

Get the lowdown on automating your blog updates with GitHub Actions and ConvertKit. I'll show you how to catch changes in your posts, pull the important bits, and shoot emails to your followers, all while keeping your workflow slick and smart.

It Doesn’t Matter if It’s Grammatically Correct

Sharing a pivotal moment from a diversity training at Dev Bootcamp that opened my eyes to the importance of using preferred pronouns, a lesson that deeply influenced how I think and interact with others.

Bootcamps Are a Tough Business

Reflecting on my journey in coding education since 2014, this article delves into the challenges and realities of running coding bootcamps, from student dynamics to financial and operational hurdles, while pondering the future of this educational model.

There Are Some Things You Should Know About Apple

A candid reflection on my experiences with Apple, covering both the positives and negatives, from user experience to corporate practices and personal anecdotes.

Getting to Know Apple

Reflecting on my journey with Apple as a consumer.

Segmend Project Plan

Rough project plan I created with ChatGPT for Segmend, an advanced AI-driven platform combining segmentation and classification to enhance diagnostic accuracy in medical imaging.

Alopecia Universalis

A personal reflection on my family's journey after our daughter's birth in 2020, detailing my wife's struggle with alopecia universalis and our learnings about support, resilience, and hope.

Getting Started in 2024

It's been a hell of a ride. Here's to another one.

The Secret to Referencing Middleman's `asset_hash`-ed Assets

Having a hell of a time getting your blog posts to reference Middleman's asset_hash-ed assets and making use of article subdirectories? I was too: to the tune of two hours of rabbit-holeing on the problem.

Showdown: Foundation vs. Bootstrap

It's no secret that Zurb's Foundation has been living in the shadow of Twitter's Bootstrap for a while now. I'm a big Bootstrap guy since 1.0 as you might know.

Why Our Code Is Better (And Why It Matters)

Some time ago we were working alongside another team on a project (both the team and that project will remain nameless) when I started doing some audits of one of their front-end developer's code.

Polymer, Web Components, Angular/Ember... WTF

So like I was, you're confused about Polymer, Web Components, Angular/Ember and the whole deal. How they relate to one another, what is a replacement for what, what's gaining traction, what's just hype, etc.

How to Write a Great RFP (The Trouble with RFPs)

So many development firms to choose from and so little time. You've decided to write an RFP (request for proposals) so that you can get your message out to as many qualified teams as you can as efficiently as you can. Time is money, and you just don't have the manpower to talk one on one with all these tech. teams...

Bootstrap 3 Rails Tab Helper

This is part one in a series entitled "Bootstrap For Rails Front-End Developers".

Choosing a Better Web Design/development Agency

Carlos and I are constantly (almost every waking moment!) striving to improve the quality of our relationships with clients. We relentlessly seek ways to set well-defined expectations and to become better at bringing all of the relevant parties of a project under the same roof.

Twitter Bootstrap: Comparing Options for Rails

So we've jumped on the Bootstrap bandwagon and I do offer my sincerest apologies: it is in fact a great front-end framework: very easy to use, good looking, and well implemented.

Thoughtbot's Playbook: Cliff Notes

I always feel the need to take notes on whatever I'm reading. I feel like if I do so, I can better internalize and understand content by engaging my brain by both reading and writing.

When You Need a Designer and UX Person

Over the years we've toyed with many different design & development workflows.. You know, the so-called stages of development: prototyping, storyboarding, design, development, testing, whatever!

Chargify's Customer Support

Chargify is a fully-featured recurring billing management system for software-as-a-service applications that allows for easy integration with your application via API. It also has hosted pages if you want to go the less custom, but easier route. Before I go into rage mode, I will say that Chargify is a very cool product with generally excellent tools and API documentation for we developers...

Twitter Bootstrap: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

CSS prototyping frameworks are convenient tools that can give your app cool "out-of-the-box" (and consistent) visual elements and styling (and in some cases interactivity too).

Your Users Don't "Get It"

So I was browsing the Mac App Store the other day and happened upon a new, featured app in the social networking space (which will remain unnamed). The app had so far received a couple of very negative reviews. What else is new, Ryan?

Git Flow: Rebasing a Feature Branch

And so the saga continues. Today my good coding ninja/monkey/rockstar/overlord/<enter other catchy recruiter name-calling here> friend Carlos told me that I could get an old git flow feature branch up to speed with our main develop branch by rebasing it against the current develop branch.


Just came across an amazing JS/CSS based syntax highlighting tool for web pages that I've been able to very easily integrate with our Tumblr account. It's called highlight.js. Thinking of using Prettify, SyntaxHighlighter, or any other syntax highlighting solution with your Tumblr (or other) blog? Think again.

(not) installing Powder & Pow on Lion Server 10.7.3

There comes a time in every developer's life where he or she is fed up with the way they handle account subdomains locally on their Ruby on Rails apps with `lvh.me`, and seeks a real solution.

You're Not a Designer, You're a Developer!

Don't fake it, because if you do, it shows. You often get back what you put into something, so do things properly and put some investment towards a good designer. It is money well spent. Don't on the other hand have your designer become your god, dictating your UX flow, the features you develop, etc. But that's a post (or series of posts) for another day...

Too Many Authentication Failures!

There comes a time in every web app developer's life where he or she is merrily SSH'ing or git'ing along and hits the super annoying "Too many authentication failures" message.

The Disordered to-Do List

As entrepreneurs, business owners, and web developers, we've got our share of items to check off the ole' to-do list. But this isn't about programming-- it's about introducing you to a new way of "Getting Things Done" that we believe actually works.